Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vintage Romance

Well,  I found myself in a situation recently that is similar to the one of me as a little girl.  I didn't know whether to "ran" or "clamb".  I had so many ideas, so many things to do, so many things I didn't know how to do . . . you get the picture. Of course, people watching the scenario wonder why you don't just make a decision, but that is not always so easy.

I decided to drop back and work on something that made me feel good, so I could relax for a while.  And as every crafter knows, no matter how much yarn or how many beads the people in your house think you have "hoarded," any new project deserves -- no demands -- new materials.  One can't just reuse and recycle all the time; one has to re-energize.  Ta da! (or is that A ha?) Off to Hobby Lobby!

I was drawn to the big balls of Bernat's wonderfully soft Handicrafter thread.  There were several lovely colors, but the "Touch" won my heart that day.  Ombre - different hues of the same color - has been trending for awhile now.  "Touch" - with different colors on the same thread - is actually variegated.  Both have always been special to me.  I suspect I share with most other crocheters the joy of colors changing in our fingers, and of choosing or designing patterns that highlight those changes.

The pink, blue, green, and white colors, are often used in crochet for baby, but I immediately thought of using this fine weight thread in something lacy, feminine, and romantic.

I think the bracelet, necklace, and earrings set turned out really pretty.  Here are the directions:


Handicrafter thread - Touch #34206
Steel crochet hook size 6
One 1/2 inch button for bracelet closure (can also string and bead chain attach toggle and clasp closure)
One large bead for necklace closure
One pair silver earrings wires
One silver "love" charm 


ch     chain
bch   bead chain
sc     single crochet
dc     double crochet
tr      treble crochet
fpsc  front post single crochet

DirectionsBracelet  [finished size 8 in.]

To begin, leave 5-6 inch end to attach button, ch 55

Rnd 1:  Sc in 2nd ch fr hk and in ea ch across, ch 1, 
             turn.      (55 sc)

Rnd 2:   Ch 2 across end of bracelet, sl st in 1st sc on 
              other side of bracelet; ch 1, sc in same sc, *  
              ch 3, sk 2 sc, sc in next sc, *  Rep * to * 
              across, end sc in last sc, ch 2, sl s in 1st on  
              1st sc other side of bracelet. 

Rnd 3:    Ch 1, sc in same sc, Rep * to * from Rnd 2 
               across and sc in last sc, ch 8 for button  
               loop, turn.

Rnd 4:    10 sc in ch 8 lp, sc in 1st sc, *(dc, ch 1, fpsc 
               in dc, tr, ch 1, fpsc in tr, dc, ch1, fpsc in dc)  
               [motif] all in next ch 3 lp, 2 sc in next lp, ch 
               1, 2 sc in next lp *  Rep * to * across, end 2 
               sc in last lp, sc in last sc, sl st in sc at the 
               end, work motif in ch 2 lp.

Rnd 5:    Continue across other side of bracelet:  sc in 
              1st sc, 2 sc in next lp, rep * to * from Rnd 4, 
              end 2 sc in last lp, sc in last sc, sl st in next    
              sc on end, work motif in ch 2 lp,sl st in next 
              sc, FO.  Sew button to bracelet end opposite 
              button loop.

DirectionsNecklace  [finished size 26 in.]

Follow directions and pattern as for bracelet except begin by chaining 88.


To begin:  String earring wire facing away from you; Ch 7, slst to make a ring
Rnd 1: Ch 2, dc in ring, ch 1, fpsc around dc, ch 1
Rnd 2: TR, ch 1, fpsc around tr, ch 1  
Rnd 3:  DC, ch 1, fpsc around dc, ch 2; slst in next chain of ring (leave 3 chs unworked)
Rnd 4:  Slst ch, ch 1, bch earring hook facing wrong side, ch 1, sk ch, sl st last ch, FO  

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